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What Can We Do For You?


It’s an underrated skill, but the first lesson we teach our recruiters is to listen. What we should be then able to give you is an appreciation of how we can help.

We cannot promise to find you a new job, but what we can promise is to treat you with courtesy and professionalism.

Your emails will be answered and your calls returned. If we don’t think we can help you, we will tell you.
We have built a reputation on being professional and it’s not something we want to lose.

The Next Step

Registering with us is free. Enter our Registration Wizard.

Doing this places your details onto our database, all vacancies that we are notified of are run through there first, in some 75% of cases we find sufficient candidates from just that source alone without advertising; so we strongly recommend that you register.

By registering you agree to our Terms and Conditions for Work Seekers 

We will occasionally send you emails of general interest, but otherwise will only contact you when we have a specific opportrunity to pass your way. You can of course de-register either from receiving updates, or completely, at any time by clicking here.

What You Can Expect from PMR

Should we be notified of a vacancy that we think suits your requirements, we will contact you, usually by email or text.

The onus is then on you to respond if you wish us to consider you further.
If you do, then the normal recruitment process kicks-in.

We will send you a full Job Specification and if you are happy to continue, pass your details to our client after we have obtained your permission.

If the job doesn’t really suit, or you apply and are unsuccessful, then we keep looking on your behalf.


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